Real Life Barbie Girl Meets Real Life Anime Girl

beautiful and hot anime girl face to face with real life barbie girl
 The first time that the  Ukrainians beauties, Real Life Anime Girl and Real Life Barbie Girl meets face to face. Two celebrity cosmetic icons who made a name in the world by using their aesthetic make up techniques saw each other in one of their pictorial in Ukraine. For the first time this legend in body modification and make up joined together to showcase their un imaginable beauty. Can you believe it?

 Ukraines Real Life Anime Girl

19 year-old Anastasiya Shpagin  blown all the skeptics when she show how can she change  her appearance using a make up. She is a huge fan of anime and loves joining cosplay aminjg her eyes look bigger, her waist tinnier, and her hair more colorful.

girl from ukraine looks like a real anime

Real Life Barbie Girl

Many women  around the world strives to have a look that is quite similar to a barbie doll, The Closest to have a barbie doll features is Valeria Lukyanova.  21 old model from Ukraine   that became so  popular in the internet because of  claiming the title  The Real Life Barbie Doll.

valeria is known for having a perfect body, which they called a barbie girl figure

Here are the Photos of the two internet body modefication celebrity having a photo shoot together

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